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Another oldie

This was lost in a Computer crash ...BUT, it was posted online so i was able to get the image saved back to my computer and this is a copy of it. This was done with no references so i think i'll redo this in the future and get some references and do it up better.

Friday, June 6, 2008

More oldies

This was a drawing i did. It's basically a life drawing type approach, i looked at the image (photo) a drew what i saw.
People do that now with photoshop and stuff, but the skill is good to have for drawing from model sheets and stuff like that.

Old stuff dump

Well i figure i'll "dump" some stuff and dust off the oldies . I did these like three years ago, it's done in Painter 8 and i would totally do them differently now, i know they're not perfect but i liked what i got. I'm half self taught so my approach is a little different.